Не получается перевести текст. Вот он

Не получается перевести текст. Вот он:

  • зайди на этот сайт http://www.translate.ru/?lang=ru
  • The Organization «Rescue the детей» arose in Latvias more than ten years on the initiative baby physician Inguny Ebely back. She has translated and has published on lettish language Konvenciyu UNO about protection of the rights child.The Experts and specialists research the position a family детей, develop the projects a document, directed on improvement of this position. Presently more thousand of the members work in organizations. In its report in Committee HE on rights child communicated that 85 percents latvian family live in poverty. Beside 2 thousand детей do not visit шолу. Seven from ten suffer that or other disease. Beside 600 детей have last year found the new families. In Latvias was created Centre agreeable to for realization Konvencii on protection of the rights child.
  • Это из Кузовлева, что-ли? 11 класс? Перевод Ильи Сафонова грешит ошибками. SAVE CHILDREN Organization was founded in Latvija more than 10 years ago at the initiative of Iguna Ebela, a pediatric doctor. She translated into Latvian and published Thhe UN Children’s rights Convention. Experts research into children’s family background, develop draft documents, aimed at rise of the situation level. Now more than 1000 members work in the organization. The report to the UN Children Rights Committee said, that 85% of latvian families live in poverty. About 2000 children don’t go to school. Seven of every ten children suffer from this or that disease. About 600 children were adopted by new families last year. A Un Convention Realization center is established in Latvija.
  • сейчас тебе такого понапишут, лучше сама переводи, предыдущим ответом тоже советую не пользоваться (много ошибок очень)
  • На латвийский или англ.?