Использование приемов технологии критического мышления на уроках английского языка

Цель урока: способствовать дальнейшему развитию навыков критического мышления: умению работать в группе; выбирать нужную информацию для работы на уроке; критически её анализировать.

Задачи урока:

  • развивать умения и навыки устной речи: высказывание по теме «Известные люди»; составление мини- диалогов по образцу; отвечать на вопросы учителя.
  • развивать умения и навыки аудирования: понимать вопросы учителя по тексту.
  • закрепить изученную лексику по теме « Известные люди».

1. Beginning of the lesson:

after greetings the teacher asks:

Charly Chaplin, Merelin Monro, Agatha Christy; how can we call them?

Pupils: they are famous people.

Teacher: — What people can be famous? (method storm- brain).

(Writers, actors, ballet- dancers, sportsmen, singers, scientists, artists etc).

Teacher:- What way can we describe fames?

(famous, loved, beautiful, outstanding, hard- working etc.)

Teacher:-What can famous people do?

Pupils:-( write, dance, swim, jump, work, sing, paint etc.)

Teacher:- Do you want to be famous? Why? What fame do you want to be?

Do you think it is difficult to be famous? What do you think our theme of the lesson it is?

(pupils tell the theme: Is it difficult to be a fame?)

Teacher:-Divide into two groups: for and against being famous. Each group will work at mind- map.

For: be recognized, be famous, have much money, have admirers, travel much, meet interesting people, be well- educated.

Against: have no time left, should keep to a diet, should wear uncomfortable clothes, have envies.

(each group tells about its mind- map).

2. Body of the lesson.

Teacher: now you’ll read about one famous ballet- dancer. You are getting the text. It is divided into short extracts. One of you will read the text and you will follow him or her till I stop. You’ll answer my questions and then we’ll continioue our reading till next extract. (method stop- reading).


I’m a famous ballet-dancer. I work at the Bolshoy Theatre. My working day starts at 5 a.m. Two hours I spend in front of the mirror doing special dancing exercises. Then I go to the theatre for the rehearsal. A lot of admirers usually meet me at the theatre. They ask me to give my sign.

Teacher: — Stop reading and answer my questions:

  1. Is it difficult to get up early?
  2. Is there in the group who usually gets up at 6 o’clock, does morning exercises, takes a cold shower and runs at the stadium?

It is interesting to work at the theatre. I like to feel its spirit, to dance. We usually travel a lot and practically everywhere we meet people who love ballet. After performances we get many flowers and greetings. Everywhere in the world know our theatre and our dancers.

Teacher:- Stop reading.

  1. Do fames have envies?
  2. Is it difficult to work when anybody envies you? Why?

There are some people who envy me. They are not talented but they want to be famous. They don’t know that it is difficult enough.

But I have true friends who always support me. Yesterday my friend Katya invited me for her birthday party. I usually have no time left but not for Katya.

Teacher: — Stop reading.

  1. Can you predict if there will be tasty things at the party?
  2. Do you think our fame will eat them?

When I came to my friend there were many guests sitting at the table. Of course there were a lot of tasty things. But ballet-dancers should keep to a strong diet: nothing fat, sweet or fried. Katya took care of me and cooked a special diet salad. It was tasty.

It was interesting to stay with my friend and her guests. But I had to go: it was time for me to go home. I should go to bed in time.

Teacher:- Stop reading.

  1. Do you think our fame likes her work?
  2. Is it difficult to be a fame? Why?

I love my work. It is wonderful to be a sleeping beauty, a swan, a princess. But dancing is really a hard work. Sometimes it is dangerous when I break my legs and hurt my feet and hands. But I always do my best to be healthy and strong.

Teacher:- Now you’ll make up mini- dialogues. Start them with the words: I think you are going to be a famous…. Agree or disagree with these words and explain why.

Teacher:- Now you’ll work at «синквейнами». First everybody writes a poem and after that you will work in groups and choose the best one.


A fame

Outstanding, wonderful

Dances, writes, works

It’s dangerous to be famous

Ballet- dancer

a fame

Interesting, loving

Runs, jumps, swims

You can break your legs




- This lesson we’ve discussed the problem if it is difficult to be a fame. Your hometask will be to make up a story “ I want to be a famous ….”

Our lesson is over. Thank you for the lesson. Good buy!