Открытый урок по теме Может ли Россия гордиться своими спортивными достижениями

Цель урока:

Развитие речевого умения по теме «Спорт».



  1. Тренировать в аудировании с извлечением основной информации.
  2. Тренировать в диалогической речи (диалог обмен
  3. Тренировать в словообразование и закрепление
    в речи учащихся лексических единиц по теме.
  4. Практиковать в чтении с извлечением основной
  5. Практиковать в составление вопросов.


  1. Развивать умение аргументации оценки.
  2. Развивать умение логически мыслить.


  1. Воспитывать чувство гордости за достижение своей страны.
  2. Воспитывать чувство уважения к чужому мнению.

Оснащение урока: Текст для аудирования, раздаточный материал,
фотографии известных русских спортсменов.

I. A very important event has happened in the life of our country. In my
opinion, this event unites the nation.

Russia won the right to hold winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014.

There were two more candidates Korea and Austria. But the jury has chosen our
country. Was their choice right? I think Russia deserves it. And we can prove

Does Russia deserve to hold Winter Olympic games in 2014 in Sochi? (2 слайд)

I suggest the following points for discussion.

Is sport popular in Russia?

Is our young generation interested in sport?

What achievements do Russian sportsmen have in different kinds of sport?

What sportsmen brought fame to our country?

Is Russia winning or loosing its position in the world of sport?

If our answers to these questions are positive we can say at the end of our
lesson that we deserve to holdOlympic Games in our country and Russia is a
country that can be proud of its achievements.

II. Речевая зарядка.

Well, it’s time to start.

Please answer my questions. (3 слайд)

  1. Have Russian people always paid much attention to sport?
  2. What kind of sports are popular in Russia?
  3. Do you think sport is a part of our everyday life? Why?
  4. Do you prefer going in for sports or watching it on TV?
  5. Do you take sport seriously or do you do it just for fun?
  6. Are you very competitive?
  7. Do you have your favorite team?
  8. Which team do you support?
  9. How many people go in for sport in Russia?
  10. Well, is sport popular in Russia?

III. Контроль домашнего задания.

Are you interested in these sports? Do you take part in different
competitions? Tell about your favorite kind of sports.

IV. Аудирование.

Have you ever been to big competitions? For example: the world championship,
European Nations Cup Final.

– No, we haven’t

It isn’t a problem. In a minute we’ll be there. Listen to there sports
commentaries. Which sports are they describing? (Учащиеся
слушают спортивные комментарии и отгадывают спортивные соревнования)

– Football

– Tennis

– Skiing

Can you say the key words in the first commentary?

V. Диалогическая речь.

Imagine that you were yesterday at the stadium. Try to describe these sport

4 слайд

Look at the screen. There are 2 dialogues. Complete them with these words.

Badly, beat, brilliantly, match, scored, sets, score.

Repeat these words all together after me. (Учащиеся подставляют пропущенные слова в диалоги.)

It’s time to check. Are you ready? Read your variant.

VI. Работа в парах.

And now. Make up your own dialogues. Think about a game or sporting event you
saw on TV with your own eyes. Please, pay attention to the following points.
You’ll have 2 minutes.What happened – who was in it – who won – who played
well/badly – your opinions about it


European Nations Cup Final;
reece and Portugal;
Greece won;
the Greek defence played well;
not a very good game.

Are you ready?

Read your own dialogues?

Can you act them by heart?

VII. Физкультминутка.

VIII. What achievements do Russian sportsmen and women have in different
kinds of sport. Do you know?

But ,first of all, look at the screen. (5 слайд)

People who go in for different sports have different names. How do we call
people who:

– play football => football player.

cricket, rugby, tennis.

– do judo => judder

weight lifting

– go swimming => swimmer

jumping, running, boxing.

– ride a bike => cyclist

I asked you to find pictures of famous sportsmen. Have you found? (6 слайд)

IX. Работа с текстом

Maria Sharapova is one of them. (7 слайд)

Read the article about Maria Sharapova and complete these notes for a mini
biography. (8 слайд) (Учащиеся читают текст и заполняют мини- биографию.)

Are you ready?

Complete questions for the answers. (9 слайд)

X. And the last. Is Russia loosing or winning its position in the world of
sport? Analyze some facts. Are they in favor or against Russian sport?

– From 1950s till 1980s our country took the first place according to the
number of medals.

– From 1990s till present time we take only third or the fourth place after
the USA, China, Germany.

– Russian President Medvedev is fond of sport. He goes in for judo and

– Many talented sportsmen prefer to work abroad, because they can make much
more money abroad than in Russia.

– The government began to pay much attention to the development of sport in
the country.

– Russian won the right to hold winter Olympic Games in Russia.

Are here more facts in favor or against Russian sport?

What can we say?

XI. Итоги.

Well, it’s time to determine the results of our discussion.

Can Russia be proud of its sport achievements? Has the jury chosen the right
country to hold winter Olympic Games? (Возвращаемся
к 2 слайду, кратко отвечаем на вопросы, доказывая тем самым, что Россия
заслуживает проведение зимних Олимпийских игр в 2014 году
в Сочи.)

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