кроссворд вопросы

Across :

The capital of Scotland.

3. One of the symbols of Wales.

7. What did the Romans call Scotland?

8. A loud high sound produced by bagpipes.

9. Which castle is an official residence of the Queen?

10. In what city did “The Guardian” newspaper originate?

13. This palace contains a wealth of British history and it is a superb example of Early English Gothic architecture.

15. Which name did Prince Albert take after he had become the king?

16. The palace in Edinburgh, it is Queen’s official residence in Scotland.

19. The symbol of Scotland.

Down :

It is the region in the N. Ireland (there are medieval abbeys and it’s connected with one love story about “Lucia”)

4. In which town is the oldest university situated?

5. A dish eaten exclusively in Scotland made from the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep.

6. In which county is the Stonehenge situated?

11. One of the two Royal homes in Scotland (Grampian region).

12. A Scottish writer whose books are Treasure Island and Kidnapped.

14. A military parade with band music in Edinburgh is called “The Military…..”.

17. What is the List of sum provided by Parliament to meet official expenditure?

18. It is the official London residence of Britain’s sovereigns since 1837(palace).

20. The capital of England.


По горизонтали:

1. Edinburgh

3. Daffodil

7. Caledonia

8. Skirl

9. Windsor

10. Manchester

13. Westminster

15. George

16. Holyroodhouse

19. Thistle

По вертикали:

2. Borders

4. Oxford

5. Haggis

6. Wiltshire

11. Balmoral

12. Stevenson

14. Tattoo

17. Civil

18. Buckingham

20. London