Защита окружающей среды с использованием метода проектов

Тип урока: урок обобщения и
систематизации знаний


  • совершенствовать устную монологическую и
    диалогическую речь;
  • развивать коммуникативные умения;
  • способствовать повышению мотивации к изучению
    английского языка.


  • формировать чувство ответственности к
    окружающему нас миру;
  • воспитывать чувство любви к природе;
  • развивать логическое мышление и умение
    самостоятельно мыслить;
  • способствовать формированию гражданской

Оборудование: раздаточный материал,
презентации учащихся и фотогазеты, кроссворды,
творческие работы и мультимедийная установка.


1. Организационный момент. Приветствие.
Знакомство с темой. Введение в урок.

Teacher. The theme of our lesson is « Environmental Protection».
Dear pupils, we can see that we live in a wonderful world. People are inspired by the
beauty of the nature. Many poets write poems about nature. We enjoy it too. But our planet
is so fragile!
The problem of our lesson is the global situation in ecology and what we can do with
We have explored and learned environmental problems. Nowadays people understand how
important it is to save the Earth.
You have prepared projects. We try to recollect this material under the title
«Environmental protection. Man and natural world». We must analyze and realize how the
activity of the Man influences the World and what must be done to save the Nature.
You will have a surprise!

2. Основная часть урока

1. Разговорная лексика. Активизация ЛЕ и РО.

– Here is a little questionnaire. Complete the sentences using the right word!

How environmentally aware are you?

1) What does your family do with empty bottles?

А) Take them to a recycling bin.
В) Return them to the supermarket.
С) Throw them in the rubbish bin.

2) When you buy one or two items at the supermarket, you…

А) … take a plastic carrier bag.
В) … reuse an old plastic carrier bag.
С) … use your own bag.

3) How often do you choose products which contain recycled materials?

А) Always.
В) Never.
С) Sometimes.

4) If you were asked to contribute to a Save the Animals project, you would…

А) … give generously.
В) … give a small amount.
С) … refuse to give anything.

5) A local beach has been polluted with oil. You…

А) … donate money for the clean-up project.
В) … do nothing.
С) … volunteer to help with the clean-up project.

6) You eat a chocolate bar in the street. What do you do with the wrapper?

А) Drop it on the pavement.
В) Put it in a litter bin.
С) Save it to recycling.

7) When you clean your teeth, you…

А) … turn the tap on only when you need water.
В) … leave the tap running until you have finished.
С) … only use one glass of water.

2. Now be ready to answer my questions!


1) What are the most serious environmental problems?
2) Where does air pollution in the cities mostly come from?
3) What are the reasons for water pollution?
4) How can we prevent land pollution?
5) What are the consequences of noise pollution?
6) Why are nuclear power stations dangerous?
7) What can people do to stop pollution of our environment?
8) How can you personally help to prevent pollution of the environment?

3. Аудирование

– Pupils! Be very attentive and listen to a poem! What is it about and what is
its point.

Look! Our fragile planet is crying.
Tears, tears are rolling down.
Rivers and seas are gradually drying.
Air’s polluted in every city and town.
If we stay indifferent
We’ll soon forget the word ”PRIRODA”.
It may happen so that
People will disappear like a dodo.

4. It is time to discuss your projects!

Ученики по группам представляют проекты и
демонстрируют работу виде презентации или в
форме фоторепортажа. Тема – «Экологическая
ситуация в городе Щелково».

Our themes are:

  • Ecological situation in Schelkovo Pollution
  • What ecological problems are the most serious in our town
  • Air pollution and water pollution
  • Destruction of wild life
  • Ecology of Man

Reports and projects of our pupils

5. – Dear friends, you specialize in Biology and in Chemistry and try to explain the
real situation in our town and its locality.

Учащиеся 7 В класса учатся в
химико-биологическом классе и, изучая природные
явления и влияние окружающей среды на
человека, делают выводы, основываясь на знаниях
естественных наук.

The speech of the biologist

“I raise my voice against powerful monopolies, against their destructive force.
What have they done to the earth?
They’ve turned our land into a desert of concrete and stone.
Rivers that used to be so beautiful and full of fish are poisoned.
Air that used to be so clean and fresh is polluted.
What have they done to the skies, to the seas, to the oceans?
They’ve created new machines, built roads and cities.
The noise is maddening!
They’ve done a great deal of harm to Man and are still doing so for profit and gain.
If nobody stops them we’ll face a nuclear war.
Choose life before it’s too late.”

– Pupils! Now we are reading the text! Try to understand it and be ready to
discuss it.

6. Работа с текстом.

How to help Our Planet

Today environmental issues are much spoken about on TV, radio and in newspapers. If
people want to survive, they must do their best to solve these problems. Fortunately,
it’s not too late to save our planet. We understand that our environment is not just our
home town but the whole Earth. The protection of the environment requires the cooperation
of all nations. Governments should take measures that will help improve the environment.
There are a lot of environmental groups and international organizations whose main goal is
to strengthen cooperation among environmentalists from different countries. The most
famous of them is “Greenpeace”, which combines the people’s efforts for peace with
huge movement for nature conservation. “The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) “ is the name of
anther international organization that appeared in 1961. In has created or given support
to National Parks in five continents. You may also join “Friends of the Earth Trust”,
which is an educational charity set up to help people of all ages become aware of the
threats to our environment.
However, there are a lot of simple things we should all do to stop the destruction of the
environment. First of all, we must keep our cities and towns clean. That means, we
mustn’t drop litter in public places. If we see litter on the ground, we must put it
into a litter bin. Besides, we shouldn’t dump our rubbish without thinking which things,
such as bottles and paper, can be recycled. And of course, we mustn’t draw or
paint on pavements, walls or trees.
We must stop using aerosol sprays because the stuff they contain destroys the ozone layer.
We should take care of birds and animals. We can help to plant trees and create parks for
endangered species. We can clean rivers and canals and create footpaths. But first of all
we must change people’s attitude towards the environment.
If we take action now, there might be some hope for the future. If we do nothing, we are
heading for disaster!

1) What are the most serious environmental problems?
2) The world climate is changing, isn’t it?
3) What can people do to save our planet?
4) How can you personally take part in this work?
5) Think of at least five things Modern Man must do to survive. What can you suggest?

– Now it is time to relax! Try to solve this crossword-puzzle! It is created by
pupils of the 7 – A.

7. Минутка отдыха. Учащимся предлагается
разгадать кроссворд, составленный группой
учащихся 7А класса.

8. Work in pairs! The object of our discussion is «Are ecological problems connected
with the health of a man?»
Begin with «To my mind …, I think …»

Работа в парах. Обсуждение вопроса « Влияют ли
экологические проблемы на здоровье человека?».
Повторяются речевые клише.

9. Now – a surprise for you! Your friends of the 7A have prepared a nice song!

Звучит аудиозапись песни группы «Биттлз»
«Представь!» в исполнении учащихся 7А класса.

Imagine there’s no heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky
Imagine all the people
Living for today…

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

3. Заключительный этап. Подведение
итогов. Оценка работы.


– What will happen if we continue to destroy our Planet, nature and wildlife! We must
take care of it. We must take some measures in order to save our planet, to make cities
and towns safe to live in and make water in rivers clean to drink it.

Домашнее задание. Оценки за работу.