Бизнес План. Рига

School №9

Business Plan

School Business Company


Kazan 2014


Full name: School business company STEP UP

Participants age: 17 years

Educational institution: School9

Address: 420103; Russia; Tatarstan republic; Kazan; Musina street, 32.

E-mail: [email protected]

Instagram: stepupkazan


1. Introduction

Young, but ambitious team is ready to take its rightful place in the business by producing special products.

Lack of business experience is compensated by a desire to learn, to produce and sell product.

Participate in the competition have prompted interest in the project, the desire to acquire new knowledge, acquire skills of business activities, to provide real assistance to certain categories of residents at the expense of profit contributions to charities/

We believe, that main qualities of success are creativity, initiative, mutually beneficial cooperation.

2. Team profile


Ramilya Khabibullina: president

Anastasiya Bogdanchikova: PR vice president

Milena Mokrushina: Marketing vice president

Luiza Nasyrova: Staff vice president

Almira Murtazina: Finance vice president

Anastasiya Kostenko: IT vice president

Arina Galkina: Commercial manager

Evgeniya Safina: Manufacturing vice president

Alina Balobanova: Sales manager

Our product: handmade aroma candles of eco-friendly materials. The candles are of a different shape and color.

Our mission: make world warmer, brighter and kinder to people.

Why should you choose our product?-natural ingredients-easy to use-bring comfort home-uplifting-aesthetic pleasure-reasonable price.

Our main target audience: students, their parents and teachers.

To realize our idea we needed: a desire to learn the basics of business, active organization of all elements of the process. Taking part in seminars allowed to gain theoretical knowledge and the organization of and participation in the school fair and practical skills of sales of goods.

3. Product

The main advantage of our candles is the smell which makes us feel better.

They bring comfort to home and make special spirit of romance and holiday.

We created 5 candle collections: basic; enchanted romantic; shabby chic; vintage; cloudy fantasy.

4. Target markets

1. Target groups of consumers: all ages and demographics of population- students and their parents, teachers, visitors of charity fairs.2. Market and target groups need: our candles are able to satisfy different consumers’ tastes; variety of colors, forms and sizes of candles allow consumers to find that good which they really need.

5. Marketing research

Our competitors





The average price of candles, made by us

The average price of candles

90-190 rub.

135-155 rub.

31-356 rub.

132-355 rub.

50 rub.

Planned marketing strategies:

development of corporate identity, logo, brochures, business cards.

perception of the buyer as a strategic partner

flexible pricing

diversification, improving design

investment in advertising designed to attract interest in the brand, the pages in social networks, newspaper «STARшеклассник»

sales promotion through holding shares lotteries, bonuses to buyers.

6. Competitive advantages

Our product differs with the variety of shapes and colors, we use only high quality Eco-friendly material. The product could be bought at an affordable price, without leaving home (using the services of an online store). 

Our strong sides are: -Individual approach to the customer;

-flexible pricing policy.

7. Ethical/Social aspects

Candle is a perfect present and complement for every interior. Romantic evening is impossible without candles. It is a great joy for children to blow the candles on a birthday cake and make a wish.

Candle brings comfort in your house, creates special atmosphere of romance and party, keeps up mood and make the world kinder.

8. Finance

A. Income from sales

 1.School fairs           13200         rub.  

 2. District fairs +    14400         rub.  

 3. Pre-holiday sales +    13500         rub.  

Subtotal   =     41100        rub.  



B. Prime cost of sold product

1.School fairs           2880        rub.  

2. District fairs +     2880        rub.  

3. Pre-holiday sales +     3600        rub.  

Subtotal    =     9360        rub.  


 Gross profit ( А - B)      =     31740       rub.  


C. Operating cost

1. Salaries         500    rub.  

2. Rent, maintenance, utilities +     100      rub. 

3. Expeuses of marketing and distribution +     100     rub.  

4. Other recurrent expenses +        50     rub.   

5. Returns funding for starting a business +      150      rub.

Subtotal        =      7200      rub.   



Net profit before taxation =   24540     rub.   

(Gross profit – Operating cost)  

Marketing research showed us that consumers prefer to buy candles for a price about 1,5 €

9. Problems and obstacles

When we implemented the project, we could face a number of challenges. Such as:- Sufficiently high degree of competitiveness- Lack of financial resources- Shortage of skilled and experienced staff- Shortages of raw materials

Ways to overcome the obstacles:- Expansion of the range- Innovativeness of technologies- Training of personnel (staff)- Creation of online – shop- Cooperation with wholesalers

10. Conclusion

We assume that everyone in the world should get a piece of warmth and happiness. So, we offer you our aroma candles.

Only our candles provide comfort at home, make children happier, and create the atmosphere, which you want.

A great variety of designs and color spectrums of our candles complement any Flexible price policy allows to purchase our products everyone, who wish to create a mood for yourself and their loved ones.

Today, the realization of our project is at the stage of increasing brand awareness, implementing action to improve the design and variety. We have conducted market research and identification of competitors, consumer preferences (training schools). Based on the research we have determined the average retail price of our products. We found the market of materials and funding (school administration, education AO). Participants had careful instructions and trained the basics of business. Our company made two batches of candles for charity fairs, developed a business plan and filmed commercial.

As a result of the project:

- We will have necessary experience and business skills;

-Our company will have organized team of enterprising creative individuals;

-We will have our own production and sale of aroma candles;

- Customer base of loyal customers will be established.

Our candles make the world mire romantic.

Our candles will add comfort to your home.

Our candles will help to create the night atmosphere. 

Even a little candle can create a miracle!

Внимание, только СЕГОДНЯ!