Завдання І. Кожне завдання тесту складається з речення, в якому пропущене слово або вираз. Нижче подані чотири варіанти відповіді, позначені літерами A, B, C та D. Вам потрібно визначити один варіант, який є вірним для поданого речення, та вписати літеру, яким він позначений, в бланк відповідей під відповідним номером.

1. If the goods … not of superior quality, they would not place their order with that firm.

A) wasB) wereC) areD) have been

2. There are some defects in the motor. The quality of the insulation isn’t quite up to standard. You … eliminate the defects.

A) can B) must C) may D) should

3. We have received the final reply from our firm … Internet.

A) at B) over C) through D) about 

4. Mr. Boiko speaks German as … as Mr. Brown.

A) good B) well C) better D) best

5. Have you heard them … the terms of delivery?

A) discuss B) discussed C) have discussed D) to discuss

6. We … a lot of questions at the lessons.

A) are discussing B) discussing C) discuss D) discusses

7. Let me give you … good advice.

A) some B) a C) one D) any

8. As we have regular contracts with … agents we can easily come to terms about delivery dates.

A) shipping B) shippedC) being shippedD) having shipped

9. The woman in the car called you the day before yesterday

A) waiting B) waited C) wait D) to wait

10. We haven’t seen this equipment in operation. The director says we … not to sign the contract.

A) could B) are C) must D) is

11. She said that she … keen on drawing.

A) was B) is C) has been D) were

12. Do you know the … who lives next door?

A) men B) man C) mans D) mens

13. The talks were held in the building … 250 years ago.

A) foundingB) being foundedC) foundedD) to found

14. I thought it would take me … time to sign the contract with that firm.

A) more B) the mostC) bigger D) more many

15. The machines can be dispatched within three months … receipt of your formal order.

A) upon B) after C) over D) under 

16. Yesterday Mr. Smith … come to his office early as he had a lot of work to do.

A) must B) has to C) had to D) can

17. Do you want us … our presses for consignment?

A) send B) sending C) to send D) will send

18. You … the necessary catalogues tomorrow morning.

A) shall get B) will get C) get D) got

19. I … her that I … time to play the piano.

A) told, have no B) tells, did not have C) told, did not have D) told to, had not have

20. International fairs and exhibitions … in our country and abroad.

A) hold B) held C) is been held D) are held

21. We … a contract with a German firm lately.

A) made B) has made C) have made D) make

22. They were interested in the inspector’s … as soon as possible.

A) coming B) to come C) to coming D) come

23. A lot of people … English nowadays.

A) are learning B) were learning C) learning D) learns

24. If the contract … strictly observed, there would have been no necessity of arbitration court.

A) has been B) will be C) had been D) were 

25. The order for machine-tools … with Crowley and Co next week.

A) must being placed B) must be placed C) must to place D) will must be placed

26. Mr. Brown said that he … to see any performance of the Bolshoi Theatre during his previous stay in Moscow.

A) has not been able B) had not been able C) was not able D) had not able

27. They … letters while the others were discussing a new contract.

A) was translating B) are translating C) were translating D) translated

28. We cannot give you a final reply without … the terms with our director.

A) to discussing B) discussing C) discuss D) to discuss

29. They … good progress in English for the last 3 months.

A) made B) had made C) have made D) make

30. The goods … by the firm are of high quality.

A) offeredB) to offerC) having offeredD) being offered