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перевидите текст !

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  • Winter — wonderful time not only for a vacation which turn in two weeks of magic holidays. In fact for this time it is possible not only to have a rest from lessons, to sleep in plenty, to see enough transfers on the TV, to play enough in computer games, and also to chat by phone with the girl-friend and to esteem favourite books. Winter are the trees covered by a snow and roofs of houses, these are the frozen ponds which have turned skating rinks, these are icicles hanging down from roofs, snow hills and snowballs. And still it is New Year, Christmas, elegant fur-trees, gifts and fancy dresses, he/she is the Grandfather the Frost and the Snow Maiden still more many-many any fantastic characters! And when will bother to celebrate or simply to sit at home — run on street! And there… Throw to itself on health snowballs, skate or on санках, and it is possible on skis, yes from a hill! Набегаешься so, напрыгаешься — and at all you do not feel a cold! And sometimes so will fall asleep you a snow, or children so will throw snowballs that you become similar to the Snow Maiden. Or on a snowman. And then it seems, that all snowballs in district — your friends. Or even relatives. Here therefore children also like to walk in the winter. In fact a winter vacation fly by very quickly!
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