Помогите написать небольшое сочинение на тему my favorite types of food

помогите написать небольшое сочинение на тему my favorite types of food

  • My favourite food

    For some food is a source of pleasure, for others — a source of energy. For me food – is a pleasant source of energy. I think that pleasant food is healthy food. To my mind healthy food should be quite simple. I eat complicated dishes only in restaurants. My daily meals consist of the same dishes every day. First of all I would like to say that I do not eat animal meat at all. I prefer fish and other sea products. So in the morning I usually have some cottage cheese with kefir, then I have tea with two cheeseburgers. At dinner I have vegetable soup, a salad and fried fish. I do not have desserts, but only tea with lemon. For supper I have just a salad and then I eat fruit.

    I love all kinds of milk products, especially kefir, cottage cheese and cheese. I prefer cheeses from Germany, France or Switzerland. As for sea products I love shrimps, salmon and trout. I like different kinds of salads, dressed with olive oil or sour cream. I also love all kinds of potato dishes. I usually drink down food with natural juices or kvass.

    I prefer to have tea with bitter chocolate or home-made jams. As I do not change my daily dishes, I very seldom have stomach problems. Actually I think that the simpler food is, the better is its taste.

    Well, of course, on weekends I want to try a new dish. If I have free time, I try to invent a new salad or find an interesting recipe. On weekends I let myself have good red dry wine. Well, many doctors say that red wine in reasonable quantities is very good for health.

    I do not buy in shops ready or semi-manufactured food products, because this is unhealthy. It is better to spend some time cooking, than to have problems with overweight and heart.

  • You can look at me and tell that I love to eat! I’m not fat, by no means, but I do love to eat! My favorite meal is breakfast; lunch; and dinner! Ha! Ha! Yes! I love them all!

    I love breakfast the most, though! I love it because it makes my tummy feel all warm and fuzzy! My favorite foods to eat at breakfast are waffles; scrambled eggs; toast; gravy; and chewy bacon. I don’t drink coffee! I’m more of an OJ and chocolate milk kind of person.

    I like the same types of food for lunch and dinner. I like fried chicken salads with 1000 Island dressing. I also love veal parmesan and loaded baked potatoes. For desert, I love I ice Cream. My favorite flavors are cookie-dough; French vanilla; and peanut-butter.

    As you can tell, I really do love all types of food. I have a broad spectrum of foods like. Well, now that I’ve made us all hungry it is time to go!

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