Помогите по английскому

помогите по английскому.

  • My favorite cartoon character is Charlie Brown created by Charles M. Schulz . He makes me smile; the innocence, a pure heart of good intentions.

    Charlie Brown is a lovable loser, a child possessed of endless determination and hope, but who is ultimately dominated by a permanent case of badluck, and is often taken advantage of by his peers. These traits are best-shown from his baseball team: Charlie Brown is the manager of the team and its pitcher but the team consistently loses (their all-time record is said to be 2–930, and the two wins were only by forfeit when the opposing team’s players were ill. However, it should be noted that the team is said to have won when Linus was pitching in Charlie Brown’s absence. Charlie Brown is constantly cursed as a pitcher often giving up tremendous hits which either knock him off the mound or leave him with only his shorts on.

    He is often called «blockhead» by ,”Lucy” despite his rather round head. Every autumn Lucy promises to hold a football for Charlie Brown to kick, and every year she pulls it away as he follows through, causing him to fly in the air and land painfully on his back. He was never shown as succeeding in kicking the football in the comic strip.Like me Charlie Brown has a dog called “Snoopy” who often showed Charlie up by being the star player in the basball team. Some of his best mates include the following, but other than Charlie & Snoopy, my next favorite is Woodstock, while Lucy seems to take masochistic delight in male bashing, thus I dont rate her that highly.
    10 баллов не найдется=)))?

  • Я английский плохо знаю. Попробуй здесь :
  • There are a lot of cartoons today.
    I prefer watching «Tom and Jerry».
    A can spend hours watching it.
    I adore Jerry.
    He is so funny!
    He is brave and not afraid cat.
    More than that,he is very clever and even wily.
    And he is very good and helpful.