Сочинение о новом годе на английском!!! 7 предложений помогите!!!

сочинение о новом годе на английском!!! 7 предложений помогите!!!

    2)почему у менчя бутцыебаные?
  • New Year is a great holiday in our country. Everybody likes it very much. It is especially loved by little children. People do not go to work on that day, and children do not go to school. This holiday is considered to be a family holiday. It is usually celebrated at home among the members of the family.
    People decorate their houses and usually have a fir-tree which stands in the corner of the room. Those fir-trees are very beautiful. The presents are usually put under these trees. Our parents prepare to this holiday well. They buy a New Year tree, decorate it, buy a lot of tasty food and drinks.
    At twelve o’clock in the night people can see the president on TV which addresses them with traditional words of congratulation. At this time people are sitting at the tables to their holiday dinner and enjoy it in a good company. Young people usually organize a dance party and have a lot of fun. Some of them go out into the streets and the squares. The next day friends usually come to wish a Happy New Year to all the members of the family.
    The New Year of our life has begun. Everyone hopes it will really be happy.