Мини-сочинение на тему «Shopping» на англ

мини-сочинение на тему «Shopping» на англ. языке… 5-10 предложений

  • Смотри, чтоб твои одноклассники не скачали это сочинение оттуда же откуда *** и Бобрик. А то слишком они похожие.
  • Shopping When we want to buy somethinng we go to a shop. The are many kinds of shops in every town or city but most of them have a food supermarket a department store men’s and women’s clothing stores a grocery a bakery and a butchery. I like to do my shopping f big supermarkets because you can buy a lot of goods more cheaply there than at small local shops. The are several departament stores under one roof at all supermarkets.They sell a wide assortment of confectionery and bakery wines fruits and vegetables smoked meat and sausage dairy products bucher’s meat a lot of jewellery electrical applances perfumery household goods sport goods textiles stationary etc In the supermarkets most of the goods are sold ready-weighed ready-paced and wrapped. You can find wide selection of everything here from shoe polish to eggs. In the women’s clothing department for example you can buy dresses costumes blouses skirts coats beautiful underwear etc In the men’s clothing department you can choose suits trousers overcoats ties etc In the knitwear department one can buy sweaters cardigans shot-sleeved and long sleeved pullovers woollen jackets . In the porfumery they sell face cream and powder lipstick lotions and shampoos. Another shop we friquently go to is a greengrocery which is stocked with cabbage potatoes onions cucembers carrots beets green peas etc.
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  • Shopping When we want to buy something we go to a shop. There are many kinds of shops in every town or city, buy most of them have a food supermarket, a department store, men’s and women’s clothing stores, grocery, a bakery and a butchery. I like to do my shopping at big department stores and supermarkets. They sell various goods under one roof and this is very convenient. A department store, for example, true to its name, is composed of many departments: ready-made clothes, fabrics, shoes, sports goods, toys, china and glass, electric appliances, cosmetics, linen, curtains, cameras, records, etc. You can buy everything you like there. There are also escalators in big stores which take customers to different floors. The things for sale are on the counters so, that they can be easily seen. In the women» clothing department you can find dresses, costumes, blouses, skirts, coats, beautiful underwear and many other things. In the men’s clothing department you can choose suits, trousers, overcoats, ties, etc. In the knitwear department one can buy sweaters, cardigans, short-sleeved and long-sleeved pullovers, woolen jackets. In the perfumery they sell face cream and powder, lipstick, lotions and shampoos. In a food supermarket we can also buy many different things at once: sausages, fish, sugar, macaroni, flour, cereals, tea. At the butcher’s there is a wide choice of meat and poultry.. At the bakery you buy brown and white bread, rolls, biscuits. Another shop we frequently go to is the greengrocery which is stocked by cabbage, potatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, beetroots, green peas and what not. Everything is sold here ready-weighed and packed. If you call round at a dairy you can buy milk, cream, cheese, butter and many other products. The methods of shopping may vary. It may be a self-service shop where the customer goes from counter to counter selecting and putting into a basket what he wishes to buy. Then he takes the basket to the check-out counter, where the prices of the purchases are added up. If its not a self-service shop, and most small shops are not, the shop-assistant helps the customer in finding what he wants. You pay money to the cashier and he gives you back the change. But there is a very good service called Postal Market. It really helps you to save you time and get goods of high quality. You have just to look through a catalogue, choose the things you like, order them and wait a little to get them.