Помогите с сочинением по английскому языку!!!!

помогите с сочинением по английскому языку!!!!

  • КвАртира, квАртира, а не квО!! ! Ну да ладно.

    My favourite room in the flat is my bedroom. There are orange wallpapers in the room. There are a computer, a TV-set in my room. There is a big window in my room. There are pots with flowers on the window-sill. There are three book shelves in my room. There is a clock hanged on the wall. There is an aquarium in my room. My fishes swim there. My room is the best.

  • вы что, правда не знаете, что все топики уже написаны и из них выбирают самый близкий и кое-что подправляют?? ?

    My Room (topic) — Моя комната (тема по английскому, топик)

    We live in a three-room flat.

    The room I like best in our flat is mine. I use my room as a study and a bedroom. It is very nice and cosy.

    There isn’t much furniture in it, only the most necessary pieces. The built-in furniture doesn’t take much space in the room.

    On the left there is my bed and a desk. The desk has a lot of drawers where I keep my text-books, notes, pens, pencils and other necessary things. On the right there is a sofa and a built-in wardrobe. In the right corner there is a comfortable arm-chair. Beside it stands a lamp with blue shade.

    I like to turn on the lamp, sit in the arm-chair and read an interesting book.

    There are some shelves with books in my room. You can see Russian and English books there.

    There is a big thick carpet on the floor.

    There are some posters with my favourite singers on the wall.

    I like my room very much. When my friends come to visit me, I invite them into my room.

    My room is a nice place for both rest and work.

  • селена написала правильно..!! если бы не она я ьбы написал.. если ещё чо надо обращайся..
  • my favorite room in my appartment is my bedroom, there are orange walls in it. Also there are computer, tv, my bed and a very big window in my room. There are three bookshelves, big watches and a flowerpot. Aiso there is a fish in the spesial waterbar. My room is the best.