Помогите с инглишом, запуталась в предлогах

помогите с инглишом, запуталась в предлогах

  • Заполните пропуски предлогами:

    1. The book is ON the table. 2. The lamp is ON/ABOVE the table. 3. The girl is AT the table. 4. The man is ON the chair. 5. The book is IN the bag. 6. The pencil is ON the desk. 7. My house is IN the street. 8. The blackboard is IN the classroom. 9. The chair is AT/NEXT TO the table. 10. We sit AT the table. 11. There is a lamp ON/ABOVE the desk. 12. Please, sit down AT the table. 13. A sport ground is NEAR our school. 14. Pushkin street is BETWEEN Lenin street and Sadovaya street. 15. We have lunch at 11 o’clock and 12 o’clock. 16. The bridge is ACROSS the Don River.

    Вставьте подходящий по смыслу предлог:

    1. There is a picture ON the wall. 2. What street do you live IN? 3. ON Sunday we often swim IN the river. 4. Last week he went TO Moscow. 5. They will go TO the college tomorrow. 6. She goes TO work BY bus. 7. My brother stayed home IN the evening. 8. Many people travel BY train. 9. I see many books ON the table and IN the bookcase. 10. I was born ON the first OF October. 11. Our lessons begin AT nine o’clock IN the morning. 12. He took some books FROM the table and put them INTO his bag. 13. We went home ON foot. 14. They often go FOR a walk IN the park. 15. My father works AT the plant. 16. I don’t like to sit AT/NEAR/BY the window. 17. She stood UP and went OUT OF the room.

    Заполните пропуски нужными по смыслу предлогами:
    (above, across, around, at, behind, from, in front of, in, into, on, out of, over, through, to, under)

    1. There is a garden BEHIND our house. 2. The bridge is ACROSS the river. 3. All students are AT the lesson now. 4. Where are the boys? They are IN the park. 5. Our flat is IN the centre. 6. There was a lamp ON/ABOVE the table. 7. He will sit IN FRONT OF you. 8. Usually we go TO school together. 9. He came INTO the house. 10. I come home FROM school very late. 11. Take my book FROM him, please. 12. Come INTO the room. 13. He took us TO the forest. 14. Children, take your books OUT OF your bags and put them ON the tables. 15. The box was UNDER the bad. 16. He looks AT/THROUGH the window.

    Заполните пропуски предлогами, где это необходимо.

    1. Peter is always IN time FOR his lessons. 2. We often go TO the blackboard IN class. We write a lot OF sentences ON the blackboard. 3. “Where does he usually go AFTER work?” “He usually goes home”. 4. I like to speak English WITH my sons. 5. Please tell her ABOUT your friends. 6. Please translate this text FROM Russian INTO English. 7. What do you usually speak ABOUT IN class? 8. How often do you write TO your friends? 9. When do you usually get home? 10. How do you get TO your office? 11. He’s going to write TO me IN a week.

    Переведите на английский язык, обращая внимание на употребление глаголов to go, to come, to get.

    1. Come here, please. 2. Go to that room, please. 3. When does your son come home? 4. Go to the blackboard, please. 5. Every morning I go to the office. 6. He doesn’t always go home after lessons. 7. I come home in the evening and do my hometasks. 8. Every morning my friend comes in Moscow and in the evening he goes home. 9. How do you get to the Ministry? 10. He comes here tomorrow morning. 11. He will go soon.