Перевод в косвенную речь

перевод в косвенную речь :

  • пиши в агент… здесь долго..
  • 15 Eric said, «They had been talking on the phone for an hour before I Interrupted them.» — Eric said that they had been talking on the phone for an hour before he had Interrupted them.
    16 «I haven’t spoken to Mary since last week,» Gloria said. — Gloria said that she hadn’t spoken to Mary since the the previous week.
    17 «They delivered the letters this morning,» she said. — She said that they had delivered the letters that morning.
    18 He said, «I’d like to buy this jumper.» — He said that he would like to buy that jumper.
    19 «They aren’t going on holiday this year,» he said. — He said that they weren’t going on holiday that year.
    20 Jane said, «I haven’t finished my homework yet.» — Jane said that she hadn’t finished her homework yet.
    21 «I’m going to bed early tonight,» Caroline said. — Caroline said that she was going to bed early that night (that evening).
    22 «My mother is coming to visit us,» I said. — I said that my mother was coming to visit us.
    23 «We don’t want to watch a film tonight,» the children said. — The children said that they didn’t want to watch a film that nightthat evening.
    24 «He’s playing in the garden now,» his mother said. — His mother said that he was playing in the garden thenat that moment.
    25 She said, «You must do your homework now.» — She said that I must dohad to do my homework thenat that moment.

    PS Не забываем про своё обещание!: -)