Мне нужно написать сочинение на тему: my family!

мне нужно написать сочинение на тему: my family!

  • I have a family/ My family is not large/ We are (вставить число членов семьи). I have a mother, a father ( и наименования др. членов вашей семьи brother/,sister, grandmother,granfather) . My mother is a doctor ( или другая профессия) . My father works in the firm ( at the plant, at the hospital)/ Две структуры, которые вам помогут описать профессии He/she is + профессия или He/ she works in/ at — он-она работает на/ в)
    I am a student ( pupil) — я студент (ученица) . I am (цифра) years old/Мне столько-то лет. I like to read,dance, cook and watch TV. (Я люблю читать. танцевать, готовить и смотреть телевизор)
    My family is friendly/ Моя семья дружная. We always discuss all the problems together and help each other. ( мы всегда все проблемы обсуждаем вместе и помогаем друг другу)
  • Let me introduce my family. There …of us: my Father /His Name/ , my mother/Her Name/ my elder/younger brother/sister — They names
    I should like to begin with the youngest in this family — /his name/. He/she is the baby of the family. He is only six years old. He is a nice little chap, who is running, fighting, playing. He likes to play withj his mates and with his toys very much. When it is quiet at home you may be quiet sure that /His name/ is playing with his toy-cars and soldiers. What he doesn`t like doing is reading, thought he can read a little, but i`m glad to say he is fond of being read to. That`s why one of us, it`s usually me or mother read sometimes to him before his bedtime.
    Me elder brother/sister goes to school. He is in his senior form. He does very well at school. He is one of the top pupils in hiss class. His favourite subject is English literature. He reads a lot, he is fond of reading. But /his her nave/ is not very sociable. He finds it very difficult to mix with the classmates, let alone strangers. He is aware of this drawback of his and ht does his best too evercome it. For this purpose he has begun going in for in for sports. Of course he is not going to be a professional sportsman but he devotes rather much time to it.
    My father is the older in the family. He is the head of it. He is a very hard-working person. And there`s a very good feature of his : if he starts doing something he is sure to do it up to the end. My father is old-fashioned a little but nobody minds it as longhe is tolerant to others tastes. Hes favourite occupation is gardening (insert requires) Thanks to his care the garden looks wonderful with it`s superb flower-beds anf care fully-trimmed fruit-trees. He is a true father who devotes much time of his to bringing us uo properly. He is allways ready to come to our rescue. We highly appreciate this.
    My mother is a nice-looking woman of about (insert her age) . She is not tall rather slim. The thing that cathes your eyes when you look at her is her charming smile. She is very easy to deal with. No wonder that she has got many friends. She is one good terms with our neighbours. When my mom is at home it seems the house is full of sunshine, jokes and laughter. She doesnt`s like to lecture on peole. That`s something i like very much about her. She is teacher of Russian Literature. How beautifully she speaks, the melodies sweet-sounding voice.
    I don`t think i have got much to say about myself. I am a (your sex) of (your age) who is a little lazy by nature thiught bright, they say. Unlike my father I like doinf things quickly and sometimes not so thoroughtly. I am very sociable, so i can seldom be found at home. My hobby is cycling (insider yours) I am quiet serious about this occupation, that is why i never have any free time…
  • Hello! My name is тра-та-та-та. I have mother, father, sister,brother. My mother name is тра-та-та-та. She is a doctor. Так можно про каждого рассказать. Как зовут, кем работает, что любит делать, чем любите вместе заниматься.

    Если не знаешь, как составить какое то предложение пиши мне, я помогу.

  • Relax!!!!
  • My namee is …I have a large (small) famoly. There are …members in my family.
    Напиши на почту про свою семmю на рeсском я придумаю что нить. Ну там кто в семья сколько лет кем работают итп
  • My family

    I think that a family is the most important thing for every person. Family are the people that always love you, support you and help you. For me it is impossible to live without my family. My family is rather large. There are: my parents, brother, sister and grandparents.

    My father is a plastic surgeon; he helps people become more beautiful. He is a professional. My father does his work very well and gets a very good salary. My mother is a housewife. She looks after the house and us, the kids. Mother makes very tasty breakfasts and dinners. Our mother is very kind, but strict to us. She always checks how we do our homework. Mother arranges our free time, so that we cannot just fool around.

    My elder brother, Jason, is a student of the medical faculty. He wants to become a good surgeon, like our father. Besides he is also a member of the local theatre club. He plays main parts in several plays.

    My sister, Jenny, is finishing school this year. But she has not yet made up her mind about her future profession. On one hand she loves animals and can become a vet, on the other hand she is very good at mathematics and knows some complex computer programs. Maybe she will have a year off to think over her future possibilities.

    As for me, I have always loved music. I can play the guitar and piano very well. I love all kinds of music, but mostly I prefer rock. After school I am planning to enter the music college, because I want to become a professional musician. Parallel with that I want to have my own rock band.

    Our grand parents are scientists. Grandfather is a historian and grandmother is a linguist. They give lectures in different universities and write serious books. We all get on with each other very well.

    Every one in our family is rather busy, but we always look forward to a possibility to spend some time together. My family means a lot to me.

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