III. Translate into English

III. Translate into English.

  • This house isn’t as tall as that one. Today the water in the river isn’t as warm as it was yesterday. You aren’t as clever as your father. India isn’t as big as China. The Thames is as beautiful as the Neva. His grandma isn’t as old as his grandpa. Apples are as tasty as plums but not as tasty as pears. Is The Russian Museum as rich as the Ermitage? Derjavin isn’t as famous as Pushkin. The Dnepr isn’t as long as the Volga. The August was as hot as June in the last year. This building is taller than that one. Today water in the river is colder than it was yesterday. China is bigger than India. His grandma is younger than his grandpa. Pears are tastier than apples. Our cat is smaller than our dog. My brother is younger than me. February was colder than January in the last year. The Dnepr is shorter than the Volga

    Lighter, dry, faster, nice & nicer, angrier & angrier, harder &harder, tallest, more careful, quiet & quieter, more grey, fattest, heavier & heavier, tallest, most attentive, colder & more yellow, most beautiful, better & good & better & the best