Нужен перевод с рус. на английский язык

нужен перевод с рус. на английский язык

  • Talented dancer Hani Deniels all life waited for that happy hour when it can show the dance to the whole world. And now, everything of what she so dreamed, is on distance of one step from it. For many years professional ambitions gave to the gifted dancer and the ambitious choreographer of force to move ahead. Though at native and friends of Hani serious doubts, that she can achieve successes in such difficult sphere as show business at times crept in. Having disagreed with opinion of the parents that it is necessary to choose more reliable kind of activity which guarantees the provided future, Hani moves in city center where streets are full of noise, energy and music. Music — a guiding star of Hani. To live in the center very hardly, but it is ready to overcome all difficulties — its dream costs it. In the afternoon Hani trains in hip-hop of neighbour’s children, and at night it earns additionally the barman. In one of such nights, Hani, pining from expectation when its change will end, leaves on a dancing. Skill and elegance of its dance, a unique plasticity of its movements filled with hot passion and unusual feminity, draw to Hani attention of visitors. And in an award for patience to it the chance, perhaps, one of one million drops out: the well-known director, having seen Hani in club, suggests it to act in film in an episode in подтанцовке. On shootings its tremendous possibilities reveal. Now the treasured dream of the girl can be realized. Хани can’t even believe in the happiness: all event is too improbable to be truth… But the success leaves as quickly, as well as comes. Хани comes back in gray everyday life — to street music which she so loves, to dances and trainings with grateful children.
  • Talented dancer Honey Daniels, a lifetime waiting for the happy hour, when she could show her dance around the world. And now, all the things she wanted, at a distance of one step from it. For years, professional ambitions were given a gifted dancer and aspiring choreographer strength to move forward. Although friends and relatives Honey sometimes creeping serious doubts that she can succeed in this difficult area as show business. Disagreeing with the opinion of their parents, you need to choose a more reliable type of activity, which guarantees the future, Haney moved to the center of the city where the streets are full of noise, energy and music. Music — lodestar Honey. Live in the center is very easy, but it is ready to overcome all difficulties — her dream is worth it. Happy Honey teaches hip-hop neighbors’ children, and at night she moonlights as a bartender. In one of these nights, Honey, agony of waiting, and when her shift is over, go to the dance floor. Craftsmanship and elegance of her dance, a unique plastic of her movements, full of hot passion and extraordinary feminine, attracted the attention of visitors to Honey. And as a reward for the patience she drops a chance, maybe one in a million: the famous director, seeing Honey in the club, invites her to star in an episode of a dancer. During the filming reveals her stunning features. Now a cherished dream girl can become a reality. Honey can not even believe his luck: all that happens is too unbelievable to be true …But the success goes as fast as the come. Haney returned to the gray days — to the street music that she loves to dance and training with the children thankful.