Можете перевести и написать начало как отвечать???надо сегодня…

можете перевести и написать начало как отвечать???надо сегодня к 13:00!!!Плиз

  • Я хорошо знаю английский, добавь меня в mail агент, я тебе переведу вопросы, ты напишешь ответы, а я и переведу
  • вторая часть!!! !1)какое сегодня число?TODAY IS THE FOURTEENTH(14) OF AUGUST2)Есть ли у тебя дома домашние животные? Если есть опиши их!I HAVE A CAT AT HOME!IT IS WHITE AND FLUFFY!IS IS CALLED VASYA3)Что ты делал вчера?I WATCHED A VERY INTERESTING FILM AND WENT FOR A WALK WITH MY FRIENDS YESTERDAY4)Что ты будешь делать сегодя вечером?I AM GOING TO PLAY WITH MY CAT THIS EVENING5)Опиши самый счастливый день в твоей жизни!MY PARENTS GAVE ME A SMALL KITTEN FOR MY BIRTHDAY THREE YEARS AGO! IT WAS THE HAPPIEST DAY IN MY LIFE!6)Что ты делаешь для развлечения?I GO TO THE SWIMMING POOL FOR THE ENTERTAINMENTТретья часть!!! !1)Где ты родилась?I WAS BORN IN MOSCOW(или пишешь свой город)2)Что любят делать твои родители?MY MUM LIKES COOKING AND TRAVELLIND.MY DAD LIKES GARDENING AND DRIVING3)Где ты будешь жить и работать когда станешь старше?I WILL LIVE IN NEW YORK AND WORK IN OFFICE4)Что ты делала в это время вчера?I PLAYED COMPUTER GAME AT THIS TIME YESTERDAY5)Была ли ты когда-нибудь за границей?Yes,I have ever been abroad.i was in Spain three years ago6)Какие правила ты имеешь в школе?I have many rules at school.i must do my homework,i mustnt talk at lessons and i musnt run at breaks
  • About Myself. My name is … . I’m a pupil of the 9th form of the secondary school #****. Our school gives general education. My class used to be a specialized humanitarian class. We have special programs in Russian, Russian Literature and History. I always liked social sciences and I enjoy staying here. I’m fifteen. I’m tall, slim, dark-haired young lady. I’m the only child in my family and I’m very upset of this. I would like to have a sister or a brother. But I don’t feel alone: I have many friends in our school. We spend o lot of time together, we walk, play badminton and computer and just chatter. I’m fond of reading and playing computer games. I like adventure books, I’ve read most of Alexander Dumas novels. Best of all I liked “The Three Musqueteers” and “The Black Tulip”. At the present time I’m reading the detective stories of Sydney Sheldon. I like cooking. I can make pizza and sweet small cakes. My mother says that I do it better than she does. I’m very active and like sports. I like to play tennis, badminton, to ride a bicycle and to swim. My new hobby is roller-skating and we have a lot of fun with my friends.
  • 1) My name is…(your name)2)I am …(seventeen for example)3)My favourite colour is …(black)4)I don`t know=)5)Yes I have got a family! Yes it is very big=)6)Now Seven o’clock7)8)I can fighting very well=)9)10)At this moment i think about my dog=)