Люди помогите задали написать сочинение по английскому…

Люди помогите задали написать сочинение по английскому про самого отличившегося

  • My Favourite Painter.One of my favorite artists is Rembrant is the greatest Dutch master, one of the supreme geneuses in the history of art. To this day the art of Rembrant remains one of the most profound witness of the progress of the soul in it’s earthly pilgrimage towards the realisation of higher destiny. The son of the prosperous miller, Rembrant was born in Leiden in 1608. He studied at Leiden University, but his real vocation was painting. His rapid sugsess promoted him to move to the Amsterdam in 1631.Михаил Афанасьевич Булгаков Биография/ Mikhail Bulgakov BiographyMikhail Bulgakov was born in Kiev in 1891. His father was a professor at the Kiev Theological Academy; his grandfather was a scholar of the famous Russian playwright, Gogol. Friendship, respect, and mutual love reigned in Bulgakov’s large family and happy home. From childhood Bulgakov was drawn to theater. At home, he wrote comedies, which his brothers and sisters acted out; in high school, theater was his favorite subject. In 1909, he enrolled in Medical School of Kiev University. He graduated in 1916. In 1913, he moved with his first wife to the village of Viazma where he was assigned to obligatory medical service as part of his education. [Bulgakov had married three times: with Tatiana Nikolaevna Lappa (1913), Liubov Evgenevna Belozerskaia (1924) and Elena Sergeevna (1932).] In 1918 Bulgakov returned to Kiev and began to practice medicine. Kiev was at that time the focal point of an intense struggle between German troops, the Ukrainian Nationalist Army, Red troops, and the Russian Volunteer Army. Bulgakov enlisted as a field doctor in a Volunteer Army regiment and went to the Caucasus. Toward the end of 1919, he resigned from military service and started to work as a journalist and playwright. After a few of his early plays were staged in local theaters, Bulgakov moved to Moscow, where he stayed for the rest of his life and where literature and theater were his only concerns. The first few years in post-revolutionary Moscow were a continuous struggle for survival. Bulgakov wrote comic sketches for various newspapers. In many of these works—some autobiographical—Bulgakov protested the cruelty, violence, and murders he witnessed during the Civil War. From 1924 to 1926 wrote «The Fatal Eggs» and «Heart of a Dog,» two short novels that contain bitter satire and elements of science fiction. Both are concerned with the fate of a scientist and the misuse of his discovery. The most significant features of Bulgakov’s satire, such as a skillful blending of fantastic and realistic elements, grotesque situations, and a concern with important ethical issues, had already taken shape; these features were developed further in Bulgakov’s last novel The Master and Margarita. In 1925, Bulgakov began his eleven-year association with the Moscow Art Theater. His play The Day of the Turbins premiered on October 5, 1926 and continued the theme of the earlier The White Guard — dealing with the fate of Russian intellectuals and officers of the Tsarist Army caught up in revolution and civil war. Other plays treated the topic of people caught up in momentous, historical upheavals. Bulgakov’s satirical comedies were staged with success but provoked hostile attacks in the Soviet press. In the spring of 1929 all of Bulgakov’s plays were banned, leaving him without a source of income. He sent a letter to the Soviet government in March of 1930 requesting permission to resume his publications. He received a personal telephone call from Stalin and permission to work at the Art Theater, where he adapted Gogol’s Dead Souls for stage. The fate of a writer fighting for his spiritual and artistic independence and his right to create became the subject of several of Bulgakov’s works in the 1930s. During the late 1930s he was librettist and consultant at Bolshoi Theatre. However, Stalin’s favor protected Bulgakov only fro
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