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Людям знающий английский язык!

  • Environmental protection.Environmental protection is one of the main problems today. Industrial civilization is characterized by numerous factories and power stations, automobiles and aeroplanes. Technological progress improves people’s life but at the same time, it causes numerous problems that were unimaginable in the past centuries. Through their daily activities, people pollute and contaminate land, water and air. Today pollution has become a universal problem. Natural recourses are exhausted; the ecology of planet is disbalanced. The task of protecting the nature is of primary important now. The cities face the environmental catastrophe. The big industrial centres today look more like garbage dumps.Another source of global danger is acid rain. It is relatively new kind of pollution. Acid rains appeared as a reaction of the atmosphere to the air contamination. Acid rains cause the disappearance of fish from many lakes; bring death to the forests and woods in Europe and America. One more danger comes from the depletion of the ozone layer, which absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the Sun. If it continues, it will damage all living organisms on our planet.There are a lot of organizations that protect environmental. The most famous of them is Greenpeace.Greenpeace organization was created in 1987. This organization carries out numerous campaigns against the global environmental pollution. The protection of natural resources and wild animals is becoming a political programme in every country.To protect nature people should change their attitude to it. Man should stop taking from nature everything he needs. Otherwise, the price that humanity will have to pay will be too high.
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  • An ecological problem is very sharp in our time.I am afraid, I will not be original if will say: conservancy — one of the most topical problems of contemporaneity. In one or another degree the entire countries of the world ran into it, and although an ecological danger is usually bound to the industrial states of Europe and America, in developing countries it with every year becomes all aktual’nee and aktual’nee. It is not needed to be a prophet, to predict that its importance in course of time will grow threatenings rates.And to protect our nature it is necessary to conduct ecological education with detsva.В наше время экологическая проблема очень острая. Боюсь, я не буду оригинальна если скажу: охрана природы — одна из наиболее злободневных проблем современности. В той или иной степени с ней столкнулись все страны мира, и хотя экологическую опасность обычно связывают с индустриальными государствами Европы и Америки, в развивающихся странах она с каждым годом становится все актуальнее и актуальнее. Не нужно быть пророком, чтобы предсказать, что ее важность со временем будет нарастать угрожающими темпами. И чтобы защитить нашу природу надо проводить экологическое воспитание с детсва.
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