Что такое «feliz navidad»? в переводе…

что такое «feliz navidad»?

  • в переводе с испанского означает «счастливого рождества (нового года)»
  • Испанский: счастливого рождества
  • Счастливого рождества
  • - Feliz Navidad- это композиция Boney M из альбома Happy Christmas. Переводится с испанского : Счастливого Рождества! ( Ср. с английского — Merry Christmas )We wanna wish all of y’allHave a Merry Christmas and a Happy New YearTurn this shit up y’all[Chorus:]Feliz NavidadFeliz NavidadFeliz Navidad, prospero ano y felizidadFeliz NavidadFeliz NavidadFeliz Navidad, prospero ano y felizidadThank you for breaking up with me at ChristmasYou picked your presents, I won’t give ‘em to youRight after I bought every gift you wantedI guess that’s just the bitch you areYou changed your pager, home and cell phone numberYou even took out a restraining orderCan’t get within 500 feet of your’sSo yeah I think you’ve gone too far[Chorus]I’m really sorry that I fucked your sisterI can’t believe she even let me fist herI even hooked up with your best friend EstherYeah she blew me in your carI guess I’ll never ever learn my lessonJust bought a brand new shiny Smith & WessonI’m gonna keep your boyfriend second guessingI hope I see him at some barSomebody told me he was born a womanThey say he changed his name from Rachel to RubenYou must be the only bitch he’s foolingYou should check him for some scarsI hope you get a fucking yeast infectionOr some disease from using no protectionYou know you never gave me no erectionsYeah his wee wee won’t get hardMerry Merry Christmas oh yeah