Задание на анлийском на предлоги, поможете проверить? Надо…

Задание на анлийском на предлоги, поможете проверить? Надо было сочинить предлож. about time с предлогами

  • 1. The sun rises in the morning. +2. We have a lunch in the afternoon. — We have lunch3. We have a supper in the evening. — We have supper4. We usually sleep at night +5. We have holidays in January. + 6. Usually it is windy in February + 7. Birds sing songs in spring. +8. It is warm in summer. + 9. It often rains in autumn. +10. It is cold in winter. +11. It will be happy life in summer in 2008. — The life in summer 2008 will be happy.12. We’ll go to the cinema on Monday. +13. It was raining on July 11th. — on July, 11. or on the 11th of July.14. There are holidays at Christmas. — There are звучит коряво. Лучше так: We have… или People have …15. He came home at half past seven. +16. New day will come at 12.00 midnight. — at 12.00 или at midnight, но не вместе.17. The sun was shining at 12.00 midnight yesterday. — то же что в 16. Но еще — солнце в полночь светит, скажем так, редко. Скорее имелся в виду at midday.18. The lunch is from 13.00 to 14.00. +19. The coffee break is between 11.00 and 12.00 in the morning. +
  • 2. We have dinner in the afternoon.3. We have supper in the evening.11. Life will be happy in 2008 summer .14. There are holidays in the beginning of May.17. The sun was shining at midday yesterday.
  • Во 2 и 3 не надо артикль а. 11 перефразируй типа Life will be happy in summer 2008. и 14 не понятно, лучше его заменить.