Рассказ о домашнем животном о собаке, на английском языке

рассказ о домашнем животном о собаке, на английском языке

  • My pet — Мое домашнее животное Most people like animals. They keep animals at home as pets. Pets may be different. People like dogs and cats, birds and hamsters, rabbits and hedgehogs, some people even like snakes. But you can’t keep any animals as a pet even if you like him very much. Can a crocodile make a good pet? Or a lion, or a tiger, or a bear? You may love them, but will they love you? Some day when they are big they may become dangerous. As for me, I prefer dogs. They are so clever and truthful. When they look at you with their beautiful eyes it seems to you that they understand you but can’t talk. People teach dogs to understand commands, to do some tricks. And it think dogs teach people to be kinder, to think of others. People change for better when they keep pets. Sure, pets need much care. You must keep the place where they sleep and eat tidy and clean, you must give them three meals a day. Dogs need more attention and care than cats. You must take then for walks at least two times a day. I have a dog as a pet. His name is Ret. I like him very much. I bought him. My dog is kind. He has a black nose, brown and black fur. My dog is pedigree. He likes to bathe. Ret enjoys Chappi and bones. I go for a walk with Ret. My father helps me to take care of the dog. I like Ret very much. Ret is a very big dog. He lives in the dog house. We like Ret. или здесь, если надо покороче: My love dog I have got a dog. His name is Sharik, but we call him Rex. He is very big and he is brown. But he is not angry, he likes children and he likes to play very much. He doesn’t like drunk people and cats. We go for a walk every day and he runs with me and with cats. He likes to eat meat, but he doesn’t like vegetables. I like my pet very much. Перевод топика (my love dog) моя любимая собака У меня есть собака. Ее имя Шарик, но вы зовем его Рекс. Это очень большая коричневая собака. Но он не злой, он любит детей и он очень любит поиграть. Он не любит выпивших людей и кошек. Мы каждый день ходим на прогулку и он бежит со мной и с котами. Он любит есть мясо, но он не любит овощи. Я очень люблю мою собаку. My love cat I have a cat. His name is Barsik. He is very funny. He is a kitten and he likes to play very much. But he also likes to spoil newspapers and my socks. He likes to eat fish and I give him milk every day. He doesn’t go for a walk, put I play with him every evening. He like to play with my arms and he scare my legs. I like him very much. Перевод: Моя любимый кот У меня есть кот. Его имя Барсик. Он очень забавный. Он еще котенок и он очень любит играть. Но он также очень любит портить газеты и мои носки. Он любит есть рыбу и я даю ему каждый день молоко. Он не ходить гулять, и я играю с ним каждый вечер. Он любит играть с моими руками и он боится моих ног. Я его очень люблю.