Описание комнаты на английском языке Сочинение…

описание комнаты на английском языке

  • Сочинение по английскому языку на тему «Моя комната», «Мое любимое место в квартире». We live in a four-room flat. My favourite place in the flat is my room. My room is not very big. My room is a bedroom and a study at the same time. But it is a very nice, comfortable and cozy. There isn’t much furniture in it, only the things that I need most of all. The furniture is built-in. So it doesn’t take much space. There is a small window in my room but it faces the park, so the view is really wonderful! The walls of my room are papered in a white colour and the white and green curtains on the window match the wallpaper perfectly. Besides, there are a lot of flowers in my room. I love taking care of the flowers and water them regularly. On the right there is my bed and a built-in wardrobe. In the right corner there is a comfortable arm-chair. There is a standard lamp near it. I love reading in this comfortable arm-chair. In the left corner of the room there is my desk. There are shelves above the desk. I keep my books, text-books, note-books, CD’s, DVD’s there. As for pens, pencils and other necessary things, I keep them in table drawers. On the table there is a computer, a printer and a scanner. There is a small light brown carpet on the floor. There are some posters with my favourite singers on the walls and on the door. I change the posters in my room from time to time. I like my room very much. My room is a nice place for both rest and work. My friends love coming to my place and I invite them into my room. We like spending time there. Перевод некоторых слов: cozy — уютный, built-in — встроенный, space — место, a study — кабинет, to face — выходить на (об окне) , to be papered — быть оклеенным, a curtain — занавеска, to match — подходить, wallpaper — обои, a built-in wardrobe — встроенный гардероб, an arm-chair — кресло, a standard lamp — торшер, a desk — письменный стол, a table drawer — ящик стола, a carpet — ковер, a poster — плакат, to spend time — проводить время