Мне срочно нужно перевсти на английский язык…

Мне срочно нужно перевсти на английский язык текст

  • Знаешь сколько это стоит? Бесплатно никто не будет терять время.
  • Бесплатно? Тогда только prompt. А вот за деньги-легко.
  • скачай программку..быстро и удобно..и никого просить-то не стоит..!!))
  • mda.. esli ser’ezno ‘eto zaimet okolo chasa dolzhno sdes’ stoit’ ballov 50!mogu profesional’no bez vsyakih tam slovarikov perevesti… perevedy nachalo… esli ponravitsya viberesh kak luchshii otvet i poluchish polnii perevod. (hotya ne anglichanki, no po krainei mere amerikanki)»Ping pongPing pong- 2 player game (one against another) or 2 pairs of players (one pair against another) in which the players take turns in hitting a plastic ball on a table. The ball is hit through the net with the help of small rackets with the intention of the ball landing midway on the opposing player’s table where the player would be unable to return it.
  • ну а в чем проблемка….возьми переводчика..и переведи, правда с грубыми ошибками, но хоть как то
  • http://www.translate.ru/text.asp#tr_form
  • типо так:Table tennisTable tennis is a game of two players (one against one) or two pairs (two against two), standing up for a table and serially striking on a plastic ball. Impact on a ball is made through a grid by means of small ракеток so that the ball has landed on half of table of the opponent, and the opponent could not return it.The purpose of game — to hold a ball in game, serially beating off it while one of the parties will not manage to beat off a ball back. Impact on a ball should be put only after it once will jump aside from half of table of the player. The spot is earned by that party which last will strike successful blow in this draw of a spot.That player or command who managed to type more quickly 21 spot wins game if only the account was not 20-20 or equal after the previous spot. Game should be won with a difference in 2 spots. ThereforeAt game with the equal account two parties continue game, serially conceding each other the right to submission, while advantage of one of the parties notWill reach 2 glasses.Return of a ball at which it concerns grids, but lands on the opposite party is set off;Impact at which the ball hits about edge of an opposite half of table, is set offThe player loses for a spot if it or it during game concerns a table, grids or racks of a grid a free hand.If the ball hits about any part of a body or clothes of the player when a ball outside a table, it is considered infringement, and the broken player loses a spot.Players should not strike since summer or beat off a ball until it will not jump aside.The player who has made double impact, loses a spot.The player who has hit about a table with such force that has shifted it, loses a spot.The equipmentTableWorking surface of a table for game in tennis: 2,74 m at length and 1, 525 m at width, it is located horizontally at height of 76 centimeters above a floor. It can be executed from any material, but should be matte.Lateral lines and regional lines, in the width 2 sm, last along each edge of a table. For pair game each half of table is halved by a line, the width 3 mm which is passing in parallel with lateral lines. The grid, 15,25 see above a table, divides a working surface of a table on two equal parts. It is attached to two racks, the same height, as a grid.BallThe ball should be white or orange color, matte, in diameter of 38 mm and weigh 2,5 Each of players chooses some balls before entering on a playground, and the judge chooses that ball which will be used during game.РакеткаFor ракеток there are no restrictions under the form and the size, but the rules demanding that » the working surface » remained rigid and flat, with the wooden core making 85 % of their thickness, guarantee that they remain the small sizes.The impacts applied in table tennisThere are two ways to return a ball ракеткой. The first — substituting ракетку. In this case it is impossible to foresee, as the ball will depart. This way uses the majority of beginners.The second way — using rotation of a ball. For this purpose it is necessary to strike a ball on a tangent that rubber of yours ракетки could grasp a ball and force it to rotate. The type of rotation depends on a corner ракетки and directions of its movement during the moment of contact with a ball. To become successful in table tennis, you should master different types of impacts and learn to apply them depending on rotation of a ball.
  • Неслабо… Могу, конечно, порекомендоать сайт www.translate.ru,но не думаю, что это поможет-тебе нужет грамотный переводчик. Поищи в инете. Удачи!
  • Ну так словарик в зубы и вперед 8)А вообще врят ли кто здесь те поможет

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